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In the recent weeks I have been running a small experiment on my LinkedIn page.

I decided to automate my networking process with the recruiters so that the hunt for new

opportunities would not be as time consuming as if it was done manually.

I decided to write a script in Selenium that would do the following:

1. Login to my LinkedIn page

2. Go to the network tab

3. Invite all the people that are recruiters from the recommendations

4. Scroll endlessly through the recommended list inviting people until a certain number of iterations is done

Having written the…

I picked up the lovely book by Eric Reis from a discount table at my local bookstore. The two crucial words in its title attracted me. The word **LEAN** which still resonates in my head after all the business classes I attended as a recent sophomore in Computer Science. The word **Startup** lured me with the soothing promise of liberation from corporate 9–5 and distant scent of sweet venture capital. Without much thought I had picked up the book and made my way to the counter. It was late afternoon after work and I had no particular plans for the…

Happy all saints eve everybody. Having had the time to delve into topics not related to the Ruby ecosystem I decided to give Golang a Go.

One of the first problems to tackle was the famous recurrence example known to every person that has ever had the pleasure of somebody introducing recurrence to them.


Below is a simple implementation of Fibonacci’s sequence in Go using recurrence. The implementation tackles the problem explicitly and invokes itself with different parameters to obtain all of its predecessing elements. …

The questions that a programmer asks when learning a new language are akin to questions

a first year philosophy student would ask: “What does it mean to exist?”, “What is true and what is false?”,

“Can I make a decent salary after learning this?”.

In today’s article I am going to answer one of the questions above for Ruby language:

“What does it mean to exist in Ruby?”

Suppose you have an object. You do not know what the object’s value is, but you just want to know whether the object resolves to true or not in a logical expression…

The purpose of programming anything is to make tasks easier to the user. With the capabilities that modern hardware and vast body of

programming knowledge offers us majority of conceivable can be solved swiftly with the few line of code.

However solving the problem programmatically is only the initial step

to success. We need to take into consideration how our user will interact with provided software to get the work done. Even the best solution will be rejected by the end user when he does not feel that the system he uses is sufficiently interactive and intuitive.

A program or…

News of this blog’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. I have not written for a while due to private matters and I am happy to announce this blog will soon be invigorated with new content.

To deliver on the promise below is the review of my most recent reading:

“Understanding ECMAScript 6”

by Nicholas C. Zakas

Having had the opportunity to purchase the book cheaply via the agency of the excellent [Humble Bundle]( I decided to give it a go.

As most likely most of the young modern programmers I have dabbled to an extent with Javascript. I have played…

“Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer” by Ed Yourdon

A book that has been occupying my bookshelf from time immemorial and only now have I decided to give it a go. The title focuses heavily on topics such as project and management and offers a rich catalog of references to choose from on the subject.

This does not mean that the audience of this book is limited only to software project managers. In actuality, I believe every IT professional will find something for himself within this title. …

Picking up software articles to read in the second decade of the 21st century is hard. Not because the process of reading has suddenly become more effort consuming or that we suffer from lack of interesting materials out there.

Quite the contrary. Everyday we are flooded with an abundance of content that we may find interesting according to ourselves or the algorithms constantly grinding the data we sew across the web. Machine learning, blockchain, 50 new JavaScript frameworks since last week, new alternative to MVC approach — all of those screaming for our attention.

It truly becomes a daunting task…

A short review of a short book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Being a primarily Rails programmer I feel like my life is now enmeshed with that of David Heinemeier Hansson. I am surrounded by his tweets, his old comments on rails repo and YouTube algorithm provides me with a steady supply of his prior Railsconf talks.

This book has nothing to do with Rails luckily, but more with approaches and circumstances that made 37signals and Rails possible.

The book is extremely short being admittedly a collection of short training materials and notes converted into a book. But…

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